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Curious Kids: Dinosaurs

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Curious Kids Dinosaurs

Did You Know?

According to the San Diego Museum of Natural History, the longest known dinosaur is Seismosaurus, which was over 140 feet long, and may have weighed 80 to 100 tons!

Some books below may be eBooks or audiobooks. ask a librarian or parent for help.

Fiction Books

Non-fiction Books

Fun Activities

Dinosaur Memory Game
Race against the clock, matching dinosaur images!

Name That Reptile!
From the San Diego Museum of Natural History. Test your dino-knowledge by matching the dinosaur’s name with its characteristics in this online game.


The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins [eVideo]
This is the story of how Waterhouse Hawkins built the first life-sized dinosaur models and stunned the world, at a time when few had any idea what dinosaurs really looked like. This is also available as a book and audiobook.

Dinosaur [DVD]
From DK, this is all about dinosaurs. The DK Eyewitness Dinosaur is also available in book format.

Planet Dinosaur [DVD]
Explore the lives of dinosaurs in this movie that includes a section on feathered dinosaurs.

Predator Dinosaurs [DVD]
Experts excavate the fossil of a giant sea creature known as "Predator X," which was discovered in the Polar Arctic in 2008.

Extreme Dinosaurs [DVD]
Paleontologist Dr. Phillip Currie discovers two mass dinosaur graves and uncovers a new species of dinosaur that he believes was flesh-eating and hunted its prey in packs; looks at the Tyrannosaurus rex and the idea that it’s the scariest of all the dinosaurs.


First Look: The Smithsonian Builds a Dinosaur
This short film shows and describes construction of a dinosaur skeleton.

Halls of Dinosaurs, from the American Museum of Natural History
There are two collections to view, the Hall of Ornithischian Dinosaurs and the Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs. Explore both by clicking on the name of a dinosaur to learn more.

American Museum of Natural History
Dozens of "Ology" pages about dinosaurs to keep you busy watching videos, and playing – even making your own dino stationery!

Dinosaur Bytes
A full page of dinosaur facts from the San Diego Museum of Natural History.

Dinosaur, from the BBC
Explore the world of the dinosaur, from types of dinosaurs, to what their world was like, and what killed them.

Learn about dinosaurs by type, location or time period.