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Curious Kids: Oceans and Beaches

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Curious Kids Oceans and Beaches

Did You Know?

Did you know that scientists have only explored 5 percent of the world's oceans? We still have much left to find!

Some books below may be eBooks or audiobooks. ask a librarian or parent for help.

Fiction Books

Non-fiction Books

Fun Activities

Beach BINGO Challenge
Brought to you by INFOhio.

Jim Henson's Splash and Bubbles
Brought to you by PBS Kids. Play ocean pinball, design your own fish, or make sand art - plus lots more!

Quiz Your Noodle: Creepy Creatures
From National Geographic. Can you answer these trivia questions about strange underwater creatures?

Virtual Dive Galleries
Brought to you by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Follow scuba divers under the water to see 360 degree views of sea life, including reefs and shipwrecks!


National Geographic Kids
For children ages 6-up. In addition to pictures and text, solve puzzles, riddles, and do activities!

National Geographic Little Kids
Great for children ages 3-6. Brilliant photos and limited text to encourage early learning and exploration about our world and its animals!


Life of Pi [DVD]
Pi Patel is stranded in the ocean on a lifeboat with the only remaining survivor from his ship - a bengal tiger.

Moana [DVD]
Follow Moana on a Polynesian adventure as she meets sea creatures, a demi-god, and learns about her special connection to the ocean.

Ocean [DVD]
Discover the ancient myths that surround our oceans, and the modern science behind them, in this video from the 'Eyewitness' series from DK.

Tales From the Wild: Cara the Sea Turtle [DVD]
Cara the sea turtle takes us on the adventure of her life, leaving her family's nest, crossing the ocean, and sharing beautiful underwater scenes.


This is a free service when accessed through the library's website (find it in our database list). Search 'oceans' or 'beaches' and find related educational content.

Everything Oceans Videos
From National Geographic Kids. Watch short videos about all kinds of ocean creatures. Find more detailed information on your favorite ones here.

Ocean Service: Just for Kids
Check out NOAA’s main page about oceans for kids!