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Curious Kids: Cats

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Curious Kids Pets

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94 percent of pet owners report that their pet friends make them smile at least once per day. Find more cool pet facts here!

Some books below may be eBooks or audiobooks. Ask a librarian or parent for help.

Fiction Books

Nonfiction Books

Fun Activities

Become a Volunteer
Learn what it takes to be a Humane Society volunteer. Also check out SICSA.

Coloring Sheets
Try cats, dogs, a frog, or a turtle - just to name a few!

Dog Science Unleashed
Try out these experiments to learn if your dog is right- or left-pawed, and what smells are most interesting to him. Be sure to follow the safety guidelines they give.

Kittens in a Maze
Help the mother cat find her kittens!

Mad Libs
Complete the Pet Tales or Where's My Homework? mad libs for a funny story!

Most Common Pets Word Search
See how many pet types you can find.

Tail-Waggin’ Tutors
Love dogs? Ask your parent or guardian to sign you up for our Tail-Waggin’ Tutors programs where you can read to a dog! Check our Event Calendar for times. Open to kids who can read on their own, through 5th grade.


Animal Tales
A magazine all about animals, especially those you might have at home.


101 Dalmatians [DVD or Blu-ray]

Air Bound [DVD]

The Aristocats [DVD or Blu-Ray]

Cat [DVD]

Dog [DVD]

The Funny World of Pets [DVD]

G-Force [Blu-ray or DVD]

Garfield [DVD]

Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams [DVD]

Highlights Furry Friends [DVD]

The Incredible Journey [DVD]

Sid the Science Kid: Sid's Pet Project [DVD]


7 Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Dog or Cat
It’s tempting to share, but cats can’t always eat our food safely! Find out which foods NOT to give your cat.

American Kennel Club for Kids/Juniors
The AKC’s page for kids. To read about all the AKC-recognized breeds, click on “Breeds A-Z” on the top navigation bar.

The Dog Listener: Be Safe Around Dogs
Read this booklet from the AKC to learn how to be safe around dogs, even dogs you don’t know!

Gem City Dog Obedience Club
GCDOC is a volunteer club, which aims to “train people to train their dogs, promote responsible dog ownership, and make better canine citizens.” They also offer agility training and competitions, and they have a junior membership program for kids 8-18 years old.

Guinea Pig Housing
From the Humane Society of the U.S. Learn how to set up the perfect home for your guinea pig. Also learn about hamsters to see if one is a good fit for your family.

Is a Ferret Right For You?
From the Humane Society of the U.S. Did you know that a ferret can spray, like a skunk? Make sure you are prepared to care for a ferret before adopting.

Mouse Care Guide
Learn the ins and outs of taking care of mice.

National Geographic Kids
Use the search bar in the top right corner to learn about cats, dogs, hamsters, or some of the less-common domestic pets!

Pets in Chief
From National Geographic Kids. Presidents and their families have had some surprising kinds of pets, including at least one raccoon!