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Curious Kids: Trees

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Curious Kids Trees

Did You Know?

Ohio is home to 16 National Champion Big Trees!

Some books below may be eBooks or audiobooks. Ask a librarian or parent for help.

Fiction Books

Non-fiction Books

Fun Activities

Take a Hike with Owlexander!
There's a path for everyone. Choose between the Hoot Route, Tree Trek, Wetland Walk, or Tyke Hike (bonus points if you do them all)!

Tree Trek Crossword Puzzle

Tree Word Serach

Tree Ring Maze
From Exploring Nature. Help the woodpecker get to the beetle in the middle of the tree!


Eco Kids Planet
Learn about the world around you and how to conserve its resources.

National Geographic Kids
Read about all things nature!


Disney’s American Legends, vol. 1, The Legend of Johnny Appleseed and Pecos Bill [DVD]
Johnny Appleseed was really John Chapman, whose peaceful plantings of apple trees blossomed along the American frontier.

The Lorax [DVD]
The lorax, a character created by Dr. Seuss, is a lovable creature who speaks for the trees - trying to stop the profit-greedy Once-ler from destroying the forest.


Visit Carly's Kids Corner to see how trees make their own food! Carly can also teach you how to tell a tree's age and what they can do for us.

Smokey for Kids
Learn about deforestation and preventing wildfires from Smokey the Bear.

Tree Glossary
A list of tree terms and their meanings, from the Arbor Day Foundation.

What Tree is That?
Answer OPLIN's questions about a tree's leaves or fruits to learn what it is and more about it.