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Did You Know?

Less than half the families in the US go on vacation every year. If your family’s staying home, make it a staycation!


Free, fun, and local!

National Museum of the United States Air Force
Admission to this amazing museum is free (but they do charge for the Air Force Museum Theatre and flight simulators.)

Hike a Nature Literature Trail
Hike and learn in one of our fabulous local parks! Click on a trail image for information about that trail and lots of books and fun activities to help you get ready for your hike. The Nature Literature Trails are made possible through a partnership between the Washington-Centerville Public Library and the Centerville-Washington Park District and were fully funded by the Yeck Family Foundation.

Do a Postcard From Paradise Mad Lib
Tropical location or ski country? Fill in the blanks and create a funny vacation mad lib!

Make a Life List of Animals
On your staycation, start a "life list" of animals! You can begin by listing all the creatures you find in your own backyard, from bugs to birds to the neighborhood cat. If you go traveling, you can add to your list - location names and dates will help you remember them. Maybe you could turn your growing list into a blog!

Make a Birdbath
Use terracotta (clay) flowerpots to make a fun birdbath. Get the birds to come to you - then add them to your Life List!


Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer [DVD + Blu-ray]
Judy Moody is looking forward to the best summer vacation ever. The trouble is, her parents are called out of town and her BFFs are going away with their own families, which leaves Judy trapped at home with her pesky brother Stink under the watchful eye of Aunt Opal. But with a little playful planning, and a lot of imagination, Judy turns a snoresville summer into the way-not-boring adventure of a lifetime!

The Boxcar Children: Surprise Island [DVD]
The Alden kids have a home with their grandfather now, but their adventures are just beginning! The first surprise comes when they learn they'll spend summer on their private island. A kind stranger who lives there is always happy to help the children out, but does this new friend have a secret?

Garfield Travel Adventures [DVD]
Garfield and his friends take three trips: camping, visiting a tropical island, and going to Hollywood.

The New Big Plane Trip [DVD]
A live-action video adventure that will take viewers on an exciting journey from Atlanta to London in a Delta Air Lines jet.

The Traveling Trio [DVD]
The Traveling Trio are twelve-year old Olivia and her ten-year old twin brothers, Ingram and Everett. Come along as they travel to exciting destinations both famous and off-the-beaten-path, all around the world. If you're ready to learn about the world, grab your passport and let's go! Presented in four separate DVDs covering different destinations in Europe and the U.S.

Web Links

Art Vids for Kids
Just for kids, here are videos about some of the art at the Dayton Art Institute to enjoy online. Get some paper and a pencil out – they might challenge to you draw!

Virtual Tour of the National Museum of the United States Air Force
Click on the image of any exhibit and move your mouse to see all around the room.

Hilarious Hotels
You can tour these weird places from home!

Boonshoft at Home
Dozens of videos about the Dayton museum’s animals, videos of activities and experiments to do at home, videos of some of the exhibits at the museum and more. Some of the videos even have downloadable activity guides! All from the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery.

Town Hall Theatre Auditions
Learn what it takes to be involved in a play at Town Hall Theatre in Centerville. (No plays are currently in production, but when they are, the details will be here.)

Kids & Teens at Five Rivers MetroParks
Find a cool activity to do this summer. Scroll down to choose your activity, then click on it to find out where it’s offered. For a map of any park, go to that park’s page and scroll down to the bottom to download a map with all the trails and other features of that park.