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Wetlands have a function similar to human kidneys - they clean and filter the water that passes through them to keep Earth healthy!

Some books below may be eBooks or audiobooks. Ask a librarian or parent for help.

Fiction and Nonfiction Books About Wetlands


Coloring Pages
Choose from several different wetland creatures!

Make a Mangrove
From PBS Kids. Did you know that mangroves are a type of coastal wetland? In this game, make your own mangrove!

Owlexander's Wetland Walk Crossword Puzzle

Take a Hike
Select one of our Nature Literature Trails to walk, including a walk through one of our local wetlands!

Wally's Wetand Walk Word Search


Learn about the Everglades, one of the most well-known wetlands in the world.

World Book Student
This article explains the different kinds of wetlands and why they are so important.


Eco Kids Planet
Learn about the conservation of natural resources.

National Geographic Kids
See pictures and read stories about animals and the world around you.


Bill Nye the Science Guy: Wetlands [DVD]
Bill sloshes across America's wetlands and gets a bit muddy as he shows us how wetlands help control floods and provide a good home to lots of living things.

The Magic School Bus [DVD]
Ride with Ms. Frizzle, teacher extraordinare, and her enthusiastic students as they learn about swamps and wetlands!


Earth Rangers
Have an adult help you search for the term "wetland" and accept real-life missions to help save our habitats!

Ohio Wetlands Association
Learn about wetlands here in our state of Ohio.

Pond and Wetland Science
From Earth Kids. Learn a little bit of everything about wetlands.

Brought to you by the National Geographic Resource Library. Did you know that even tigers and alligators can inhabitat wetlands?